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26/04/2018 - Report into the death of Prisoner J - 2016

21/02/2017 - Healthcare in Irish Prisons, Report by Judge Michael Reilly

Office of the Inspector of Prisons

The Office of the Inspector of Prisons is a statutory, independent office established under the Prisons Act, 2007.  The key role assigned to the Inspector is to carry out regular inspections of the 13 Prisons and to present report(s) on each institution inspected as well as an Annual Report to the Minister for Justice and Equality for publication.Judge Michael Reilly RIP was appointed Inspector of Prisons from 1 January 2008 and held that position until his sudden and untimely death on 26 November 2016.The functions associated with the office will continue to be carried out by the late Judge Reilly’s Deputy Inspector, Helen Casey, and the staff of the office, until such time as a new Inspector is appointed.

Legislative authority

Under Section 31 of the Act the Inspector of Prisons is obliged to carry out regular inspections of prisons and for this purpose may:-


The Inspector may, and shall if so requested by the Minister, investigate any matter arising out of the management or operation of a prison and shall submit to the Minister a report on any such investigation.

The Inspector of Prisons also investigates the circumstances surrounding the deaths of prisoners in custody and/or temporary release from custody. 

The Inspector of Prisons has oversight of the Prisoner Complaints Procedure. (There are three reports on our website relating to the Prisoners Complaints Procedure).

Governors, prison officers, other persons employed in prisons and prisoners, shall as far as reasonably practicable, comply with any request for information that the Inspector may make in the performance of his or her functions.